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All CSU students who are eligible may take 1 free online course per term offered by any CSU campus to help with graduating faster!
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What is a Fully Online course?

Fully Online courses are online classes hosted across the CSU system by various campuses that allow CSU students the opportunity to remotely take 1 free online course per term for credit at their home campus. Students must meet all eligibility criteria to participate.

Example scenario: A student attends San Diego State University. If eligible, the student may take a fully online course hosted by CSU Chico for credit at the home campus (San Diego State University).

Why? The California State University wants to give students access to online courses offered in a variety of disciplines from each of the 23 system campuses with the goal of expanding enrollment opportunities.

Eligibility Requirements

✔ Student has completed at least one term at the home campus as a matriculated student and earned at least 12 units there.

✔ Student has attained a grade point average of 2.0 in all work completed at the home campus and is in good standing at that campus.

✔ Student will be/is enrolled at home campus during the period of concurrent enrollment at host campus and has paid tuition fees as a full-time student.

Have a question? You can get more information on CSU Fully Online Courses from your advisor, your home campus website, or by emailing us at Prior to enrollment, it is strongly suggested that you consult with your academic advisor to determine how the course may apply to your degree requirements.
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Online Readiness

Taking a course through an online format requires different skills than learning in a face-to-face class. It’s important to realize the commitment necessary to succeed in online learning.

Once students have confirmed eligibility for participation, they are asked to complete the self-assessment below.

Enrollment Conditions for the CSU Fully Online Program (The Fine Print)
  1. Your concurrent enrollment is approved only for the term specified and is subject to space availability and the registration priority policies at the host campus.

  2. Academic Advising is available to you only at your home campus.

  3. You can participate in CSU Fully Online programs only at campuses that follow the same term schedule as your home campus (i.e., semester campus to semester campus, or quarter to quarter).

  4. The host campus may ask you to provide evidence of completion of course prerequisites (i.e., personal transcripts or grade reports).

  5. Financial aid is available only through your home campus. If you’re eligible for veterans, rehabilitation, social security and other federal, state or county benefits, you must secure eligibility certification from your home campus.

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